Sunday, February 25, 2018
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We are a classified website designed by Australian shooters for Australian shooters.

(Please note: We are NOT registered dealers and we DO NOT carry any firearms or money)


What we offer that’s new?

Missing out every time a secondhand firearm comes up for sale?

Our website will send you an automated email alert direct to your computer or smartphone the instant someone posts an advert for the gun you are looking for. All you need to do is register on and set up an auto alert which is 100% FREE

Each listing display page also allows you to ‘Tell a friend’ about an advert that might interest them using the sites instant messaging system.

You can also edit your ads once they are live and post up to 6 photos.

All ads will run until ‘sold’ or you remove them. There is no time limit.


Buying and selling guns

In Australia, the sale of firearms is regulated by law. Firearms may only be transferred between relevant license holders via a registered dealer in accordance with the laws of the state. A permit is required before this can take place. Firearms can also be purchased and transferred between states but must be shipped from dealer to dealer. If you have purchased a firearm from interstate you will need to arrange for it to be sent from the sellers nominated dealer to your nominated dealer. Freight and any other fees governing transfer and registration will need to be negotiated between the buyer and seller and transferring dealers.

If you wish to apply for a firearms license or permit to acquire a firearm  please contact the relevant firearms authority in your state. Firearms regulations may differ between states and some firearms or parts of firearms may be prohibited. We recommend reviewing your current state, territory and Commonwealth legal requirements before posting ads on this site. See our ‘useful links’ section for further information.


What you should know about this website

To list a privately owned firearm for sale on you must be the registered owner of that firearm and 18 years of age or older. You are required to provide your firearms license number, serial number of the firearm, and nominate a licensed dealer to enable transfer to the buyer. If you wish to post a wanted ad or sell any other item such as a scope or barrel we also require a firearms license number. Dealers wishing to advertise firearms are required to provide their dealer license number, business name and address.

Please contact us for dealer rates.

When placing an advert on please ensure that you list the condition of the item as honestly and accurately as possible. We provide the following guide.


New – Not previously sold at retail. 

Perfect – Sold at retail but in new condition in all respects.

Excellent – New condition with no noticeable marring of wood or metal. Bluing perfect except at muzzle or sharp edges.

Very good – In perfect working condition with no appreciable wear on working surfaces. Some minor surface dents and scratches.

Good – In safe working condition with some wear on working surfaces. No corrosion or pitting.

Fair -  In safe working condition with significant signs of wear which may include corrosion pits but which do not render the article unsafe or inoperable.  May require replacement of minor parts.


Please note that the condition of any items advertised on this website is as described by the seller, not by Information provided by third parties may contain inaccuracies. does not authorize, endorse or vet any content or provide any warranty regarding the accuracy, reliability or appropriateness of any of the information contained in adverts posted on its website.  

The information contained on this website is provided as a guide only.

Sellers and buyers on are responsible for all aspects of transactions in which they participate. We recommend that buyers who contact sellers through this website make appropriate enquiries and receive independent advice prior to finalizing a purchase. To minimize the risk of being exposed to a scam we recommend always speaking directly to the seller and not proceeding with a transaction if you are:

  1. Offered more money than your asking price.
  2. Offered firearms or parts of firearms from overseas.
  3. Asked to pay through PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram or any similar money transfer service. 
  4. Asked to send money to an agent or broker.
  5. Asked to send money overseas.
  6. Told the transaction will be carried out through (we are not authorized to provide this service)